Wherever you are in your business, we hope to join you on your journey.

You passionately grew your brand until now– it's time to dream bigger. At Everbee, we aim to break through the clutter of boring brands. Our approach is focused on strategy, working hand in hand with service & product-based businesses to uncover the heart of your unique brand story. By embracing your differences, we can help you connect with your audience and create a lasting impression that will keep 'em coming back for more.

We craft creative identities
for brands that dream big. 

We craft creative identities for brands that dream big. 

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Design Day 

Brand Materials
Packaging Design
Social Media Design
Photoshoot Direction
Print Collateral
Newsletter Design

Website Design
Design Direction
Show-it Design & Dev
SquareSpace Design & Dev Shopify Design & Dev
E-commerce Set-up
& App Install
Strategic Copywriting

Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Brand Identity Design
Logo Design
Brand Guidelines

What we do best

What we
do best

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How We Work


Woohoo! You will receive a super-organized file library with a detailed brand style guide and tutorials so you’re equipped for long-term success. If applicable, we will make your website live and provide launch support.



Things start to get exciting! With a solid strategic foundation, we’ll design & come up with the most awesome options for your brand goals. Collaboratively, we will ensure your vision is brought to life.



With our strategy-first approach, every project begins with a deep dive into your brand. This is where we research & learn everything we can about the best approach for your brand. 


Are you ready to build the awesome brand your business deserves?

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